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Black Lives Matter
"When all the lives full of color come together with one another, then new treasure shall pour without measure."
Matthew Roane Sr.


A life of service



To seeing eye to eye when we design



To making bold and innovative creations



To turning our backs to negative flow



Some names and identifying details have been changed to protect the privacy of individuals

Bob R.

I desired a custom bathroom created to accommodate my particular needs so that I would be able to get around freely. Denise designed an amazing master bath that gave me the freedom I needed. MJR installed a custom automatic opening door that serves me well.Much thanks!


Nefa H. 

We moved out of the city into a beautiful condominium complex in Montgomery County. However, the unit did not have the charisma we were looking for. We desired an African cultural experience at home! We retained Lady Denise for design services to develop a design that fit our particular taste. With Ujima (collaboration and participation) on our part, she created Kuumba an authentic African cultural scene for our home. Our home is so beautiful it's the talk of the entire complex. Thanks, Lady Denise


Francis W.

I live in the Wynnewood area. My home has two and 1/2 baths. It is a wraparound condominium unit.   I needed both the master and the guest bathrooms completely remodeled. MJR got the job done quickly, and they look great! Thanks


Michelle G.

I live in a condominium in the Philadelphia area, and I desired to have my entire bathroom updated. Matt and Denise did a fantastic job!



My job was very hectic so I always desired to come home to a simplistic but elegant atmosphere. Someone who lived in my building had just had their condo remodeled by MJR and recommended them to me. Well, I'm so glad I listened. They were so patient with me, and Matt and Denise nailed it, check out my beautiful kitchen! But I didn't stop there. I had them do both of my bathrooms and all of the flooring throughout my home.  When they were done, they ended up redoing the entire condominium. And my shower, Oh my gosh! My shower tower massage is soooo amazing! I told Matt I was going to get in trouble at work because I had such a hard time getting out of the shower in the morning. It feels sooo good! I am so happy I hired MJR they're the best!


 Living Water The Flow

What is the flow?

Well, let me say this. The flow sometimes called "Living Water" begins to stream in the infancy of the project when we are first introduced one to another and begin to share creative ideas.  These are some of the attributes of the flow, enthusiasm, respect, love of creativity, passion, open mindedness, and unapologetic commitment.

 The flow is Living Water invisible yet made visible, a fluent continuous movement that has no resistance. A kind of streaming connecting of the minds flowing together in a patient, constructive, and artistic collaboration. We know with this wonderful flow creating something new is easy.